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Owner's Tips

Display Case Mounting

Tools you may need:

  • drill
  • phillips head screw driver
  • pencil
  • 7/32 drill bit
  • spirit level
  • 2nd person
  1. Determine if the hardware (screws and plugs) are suitable for your installation needs. (If not seek assistance from your local hardware store).
  2. Remove pins from hinges and remove door.*
  3. Get one person to hold the case in the desired location while second person marks hole placement on wall with pencil.
  4. Remove case from wall and drill where marked with a 7/32 drill bit.
  5. Tap plugs into wall until flush with surface.
  6. Twist rubber washers onto screws.
  7. Place case back into position and gently start screws into all four holes. Then snug all screws and washers until they touch mirror and case is secure against wall. CAUTION: DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREW. You could crack the mirror.
  8. Fill case with your collectables, replace your door and hinge pins.

Display Case City will not be responsible for improper wall preparation, use of hardware or case installation. The hardware supplied has been tested and is suitable for use with any case it is supplied with when installed properly. It is up to you the end user to determine if this hardware is suitable for your specific installation requirements.

* Pin removal instructions:

  1. Inspect the barrel and pin of each hinge.
  2. Looking at the barrel, you should see horizontal ridges on one side of the hinge pin.
  3. With a small hammer and nail punch, tap the hinge pin on the opposite side of the ridges. Once the ridges clear the barrel, the pin can easily be removed.


Caring for your display case

Never use paper towels or glass cleaner on any clear plastics. Instead use a a soft cotton cloth or microfibre cloth and Brillianize. Brillianize is an all purpose anti-static cleaner and polish that will clean and protect all plastics, chrome, aluminium and stainless steel.